Brand development & website for fashion e-tailer
Brand development & strategy for cloud solutions company
Mobile site design & development for new concept hotel
Corporate branding for business loans specialist
Website development & digital strategy
TV creative & integrated campaign for high street retailer

we are the service,
not a list of services

We believe that successful brands are built on strategy & creativity. We help our clients to define their position and then build fully considered user-focussed experiences across all digital platforms and touch points.

  • Strategy

    Fully integrated brand, digital & communication strategies.

  • Brand

    Building brand equity through insight & creativity.

  • Creative & UX

    Creating powerful user experiences and engagement.

  • Web Development

    Multi device websites utilising best of breed technologies.

  • Mobile

    World class apps and 'mobile first' web design.

  • Motion

    Motion, AV and animation for web and broadcast media.

we build audiences

Integrated campaigns and communication strategies using the most effective channels available.

  • Search

    Drive relevant visitor traffic with ethical methodologies.

  • Social

    Build relationships, have conversations, share and convert.

  • Broadcast

    Deliver emotive rich media, motion and audio.

  • Content

    Attract & retain through creating and curating relevant and valuable content.

for our clients

Some of the clients we have helped along the way.

Digital Marketing Agency Manchester

We are ‘the service’. Cube3 is a marketing agency based in Manchester specialising in marketing strategy, creative & design, digital, media & advertising and PR. But what that really means is that, even though we have the skills, experience and network to deliver the list of services that all other marketing agencies have, we also have the confidence to offer our clients ‘the service’. So we review what they need to achieve the results that they want. Then we deliver what needs to be done.

Simple. Well it should be, we’ve been getting results for over 15 years.

Commercial comes first at Cube3 but creative thinking is at the heart of what we do. We apply design as a core element into our marketing strategies, it’s what makes our campaigns powerfully innovative as well as effective. Style and substance, that’s Cube3. That’s why we work best with entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs, innovators, people who make tangible differences to brands and businesses, the people who are prepared to make market-leading decisions based on commercial nous.

We like working with them because they are like us. We are entrepreneurs too.


The fact is, all marketing is digital, or at least all marketing needs to consider the digital landscape. We are proud to be recognised by RAR as one of the top “digital” agencies in the North West. That means that we know what we’re doing when you need to profile, promote or push your business online. We work with clients on a whole range of digital marketing services from website development and social media campaigns to the fully integrated marketing mix including mobile application development and email marketing services. Just whatever they need to achieve whatever they need.

Our digital team innovate using the most current digital technologies and have developed websites for clients across many sectors, regionally, nationally and globally, in both consumer and b2b environments. Digital marketing is a vital part of any business’s core marketing strategy, we know that, and our experience in this area makes it an opportunity for us to really showcase our skills.


The creative team who make up our studio, the graphic design and creative agency, are specialists in brand design and corporate identity. They understand effective brand positioning and brand development and apply a creative approach to every project.


At Cube3 we provide a full range of marketing services including email marketing, mobile application development, brand development and public relations. We keep creativity and design at the heart of our integrated marketing approach. We work to our clients’ targets and expectations to build seamless marketing strategies and media campaigns with high impact and longevity, built upon strong brand identities.


It’s all about communication, and that’s what we’re best at. But everything has to be based on research and insight. Basically, we won’t just send out a couple of press releases and call it PR. We work with clients to research and understand their potential market and then deliver a bespoke, effective PR strategy using a range of marketing channels, fully integrated into an overall, long-term marketing strategy, if that’s what, together, we decide that they need to get the results that they want.

We believe in content as a powerful source for PR. We support clients with the development of a content strategy that positions them where they want to be. It’s about intelligent, thoughtful, creative and strategic PR. It’s not about Facebook likes.

At Cube3 we understand how important it is for digital marketing, creative services and PR campaigns to work in harmony together and, as one of the North West’s leading marketing agencies, we have the facilities, experiences and skills to produce effective media campaigns integrating your commercial objectives into a workable marketing strategy that produces results.

We love a few good chunky keywords too.